Changing Your Career When Divorcing: Perks and Pitfalls

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Changing Your Career When Divorcing: Perks and Pitfalls

Divorce is not something you are looking for, especially because it is like a traumatic event. Although in some cases divorce is the best decision to make, it comes with difficult moments and huge lifestyle changes. And if you have children, you need to protect their emotional health, divorce being a harmful event for them.

Some people choose to stop and think about their life after divorce. Others indulge in destructive behaviors, such as alcohol or drug abuse and unhealthy eating habits, making their life a never-ending party. And so, little by little, they lose control over their life and they can end up without jobs and close friends.

According to essay papers and write my thesis, most people think about big changes after divorce. You may feel the need to change not only your relationships but your career too. Is changing your career a good or bad choice you can make when divorcing? Here are some perks and pitfalls you need to consider before deciding upon this.

Some pitfalls are:

You Need Time to Recover

Even though the divorce process seems easier, it is not. Yes, you have to do some paperwork and talk with your lawyer, things that do not seem so complicated. However, it sucks the energy and resources out of you, especially because it comes with lifestyle changes.

Trying to be positive and optimistic can help you face these changes easier, but you need to take into consideration that you need time to heal. You need time to think about your life, to search for a new home and take care of your children.

And all these activities require your energy, determination, and attention. This momentary lack of energy and personal resources might prevent you from learning and focusing on a new job, and the possibility of making a good impression is decreasing.

However, you should know that people that go through similar experiences have different reactions to the situations, so maybe you find yourself full of energy and determination after your divorce. A good piece of advice would be to take your time to heal, gather resources and get used to your new lifestyle.

A New Career Might Come with Smaller Incomes

Divorce is a complicated process that lasts several months until it is completed. During these months, the lawyers and the court are analyzing all the documents, including financial scripts. You should know that changing jobs and choosing one that pays you less than your actual job might make the court see this change as a negative one.

They might think that you are trying to reduce your financial obligations regarding the support of your spouse or children. It would be odd to change a high-paid job you had in the last years with a newer one that brings fewer financial resources.

If you have worked in multinationals on management positions, choosing to work on custom papers online might not be seen as a positive change by everyone involved in the divorce processes.

Reviewing your new financial income by lawyers might make the process longer and more expensive, as they need time and resources to do this.

Some perks are:

You Can Be the Creator of Your Own Career

Divorce has a powerful impact on your lifestyle and habits and it can come with positive changes too. You might feel more spontaneous and ready to pursue and work for your dreams than before, so maybe this is the right moment for a career change.

If you have worked at different companies and multinationals, you have acquired quite a lot of experience. Maybe you can use it to become your own boss and create your career. Depending on your skills and dreams, you can set up a new company or organization and take your life in your own hands. Like this, you might be readier than before to take up the financial responsibilities of your family.

And pursuing your dreams comes with positive emotions, emotions that will help you heal from divorce. It will come with fulfillment, energy, and courage and these are the things that will keep you going further.

You Can Choose a Flexible Career

Especially if you have children, you might want to have a more flexible career. Your schedule might be busier than before divorce, so you need to take care of all your children’s appointments and make sure that everything is ok. A more flexible career allows you to become a better parent and to offer your children all they need to feel the effects of divorce less intensely.

And even though if you do not have children, a flexible career offers you the opportunity to rebuild your lifestyle and habits. Traveling abroad can become easier than before and attending conferences or events is more accessible. A flexible career gives you power over your agenda, habits, and behaviors.

For example, it would be a huge change if you give up your career as a financial analyst and pursue one as a climate change activist, editor or writer. You might have thought about them, but now you have found the necessary resources, time and courage to pursue your dreams.

So, Should You Change Your Career or Wait for Divorce to Be Completed? Well, this is a complex and tough question and it depends on every situation. You need to weigh all the pros and cons of a career change at the present moment and make the best decision for you. Keep in mind that if you have children, the court will strictly analyze all your financial documents to be sure that you can take care of them accordingly and to decide upon their custody.

If you think that a career change will trigger positive emotions and events, then do it. But make sure that you can provide for your children and that this change will improve your life financially and emotionally.

If you think that switching careers is more like a burden right now, maybe it will be a good idea to postpone it until the divorce is completed and you are healed. There are enough changes in your life to add one more that will come with stress and frustration.


Switching careers when divorcing might be a good and bad decision at the same time, it only depends on your situation. Every human has its own perspective on the same thing, so while switching careers might be beneficial for some, it can also be destructive for others.

To make the best decision, take your time to analyze the perks and pitfalls of a career change. Engage in pleasant activities such as journaling, sports or mindfulness because they help you get a cleared perspective on your life.


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