Why We’re All Addicts and What To Do About It


The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. -Joseph Campbell  Often, patterns of addiction stem from our underlying relationship to fear. To draw upon Joseph Campbell’s words—in the lands of our psyches, there may be caves we fear to enter. Mythologically, these caves represent what is unknown or unconscious to us.  Addictions […]

How to Use Functional Medicine to Detoxify Your Life


Intimacy is what we most long for and what we most fear. -Erwin MacManus To be in an active partnership with life, we must maintain the wellbeing of our bodies. Many people are unaware of how deeply our physical systems affect our emotional wellness. In fact, more and more research is showing that gut health […]

Why Codependency is a Mirror


When caught up in codependent patterns, it can feel as if our whole beings are holding their breath, as though we are waiting on someone else to validate our experiences. Deeper than that, it is as if we are waiting on something outside of ourselves to validate our very existence.  As if the meaning of […]

Why it’s So Hard to Spot Abuse in Relationships and How To Heal


Intimacy is what we most long for and what we most fear. -Erwin MacManus The word intimate has its roots from the Latin word intimus, meaning “inmost, innermost, deepest.” Our intimate relationships draw us into the innermost depths of ourselves and often open our eyes to parts of us we’d rather not see.  Relationships are […]

Spiritual Awakening and Transformational Practices


What wants to happen? I love that question—that it can be asked in any moment if we just let go of the busyness of the mind, and we ask: What’s emerging here? -Leon Vanderpol What wants to happen? There is an act of faith woven into the question—a surrender to the spirit and life force […]

Creating a Life of Meaning, Magic, and Purpose


Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation. The kettle is singing even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots have left their arrogant aloofness and seen the good in you at last. All the birds and creatures of the world are unutterably themselves. Everything is waiting for you. -David Whyte […]

Why Character is Destiny


Every obstacle is an invitation into greater liberation. -Brooke Sprowl Character refinement is the meta-process we use to approach the set of experiences we face in life, determining nearly every aspect of how we interpret and respond to what happens to us.  As we allow our character to be refined by what we learn, we gradually […]