5 Steps to Erasing the Trauma of Painful Memories


The Trauma of Painful Memories Memory can be a blessing and a curse. Memories are part of how we define who we are and what we stand for as well as a big part of how we connect with other people. When traumatic memories are a part of the fabric of our past, these memories […]

Everything About Bipolar Disorder Treatment: Learn To Manage Your Symptoms


Managing Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder was earlier called manic depression; this disorder of mental illness is full of extreme mood swings and might include significantly elevated moods called mania. People with this disorder have difficulty managing their daily tasks, which might consist of symptoms of depression. Bipolar disorder lasts for two to three weeks. In […]

Why Bipolar Disorder Is So Common in Modern Society

Why Bipolar Disorder Is So Common in Modern Society “A vivid imagination is great possibility but a manic imagination is a curse” -Stanley Victor Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is characterized by extreme mood shifts. A common symptom is mania which is an extremely elevated mood. It can also include depression episodes. Bipolar […]