Multi-Cultural and Diversity Issues in Therapy

diversity issues therapy Los Angeles

Issues surrounding diversity have become a hot button topic for so many of us.  As your mental health providers, we get it, and are here to help.  When encountered over and over, discrimination and stereotyping can really do a number on us, even leading to low-self esteem and mental health problems. Our trained therapists have […]

Why We’re All Addicts and What To Do About It


Why we’re all addicts and what to do about it “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell Often, patterns of addiction stem from our underlying relationship to fear. To draw upon Joseph Campbell’s words—in the lands of our psyches, there may be caves we fear to enter. […]

Why Codependency is a Mirror


Why codependency is a mirror When caught up in codependent patterns, it can feel as if our whole beings are holding their breath, as though we are waiting on someone else to validate our experiences. Deeper than that, it is as if we are waiting on something outside of ourselves to validate our very […]

Why it’s So Hard to Spot Abuse in Relationships and How To Heal


Why it’s so hard to spot abuse in relationships and how to heal “Intimacy is what we most long for and what we most fear. ” – Erwin MacMagnus word intimate has its roots from the Latin word intimus meaning “inmost, innermost, deepest.” Our intimate relationships draw us into the innermost depths of ourselves and often […]

Lifehacker ~ Do Opposites Attract Anymore?


Lifehacker Article Brooke Sprowl was featured in this Lifehacker article about wether opposites attract. Book A Free Call Book a free call to get matched with one of our warm and experienced therapists. Book a Free Call Share this post FOLLOW US! Dating Therapy in West Los Angeles Read More Anxiety Therapy in Los Angeles […]

Why Seniors Need Nature And Need It Now


Seniors Need Nature “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” -Unknown This only makes more sense when you get to your sunset years.  A larger population of senior adults do not spend enough time, or none at all, out in nature despite the many health benefits associated with […]

What is Causing My Depression and What Can I Do About It?


What is causing my Depression and what to do “Our problems are the portals through which we access transformation.” – Brooke Sprowl In her newest book, Atlas of the Heart, Brené Brown prudently writes, “We need hope like we need air” (p. 97). To be without it is to feel like we are suffocating. To […]

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