Lifehacker ~ Do Opposites Attract Anymore?


Lifehacker Article Brooke Sprowl was featured in this Lifehacker article about wether opposites attract. Book A Free Call Book a free call to get matched with one of our warm and experienced therapists. Book a Free Call Share this post FOLLOW US! Dating Therapy in West Los Angeles Read More Anxiety Therapy in Los Angeles […]

8 Ways How Road Trips Benefit Your Relationships


8 Ways How Road Trips Benefit your Relationships “Wherever you go or with whom you travel, your family, friends, or beloved, traveling is always fun.” How Road Trips Benefit Your Relationships Different people travel for disparate reasons. Whether it is for work, a vacation, a family reunion, a solo trip, or a road trip with […]

Frame ~ Anxiety and Couples During Quarantine


Brooke Sprowl has been featured on Frame with a couple workshops: Couples & Quarantine: Navigating Lockdown with Your Partner can also watch this on Instagram IGTV Combating Loneliness & Anxiety During Quarantine Isolation

Sexuality and Sensuality: Trying BDSM and Kink


Sexuality and Sensuality: Why you should try BDSM and Kink “We are social beings who construct our own identities within a particular set of social and economic conditions which are not often of our own making.” – Karl Marx In today’s image based culture, there is no escaping the image. Its power when it comes […]

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