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Seeking Help: Finding a Therapist for Anxiety and Depression in Los Angeles
Seeking Help: Finding a Therapist for Anxiety and Depression in...
Overcoming Social Anxiety: How Therapy in Los Angeles Can Make a Difference
Overcoming Social Anxiety: How Therapy in Los Angeles Can Make...
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Secure your free consultation call with My LA Therapy and...

Empowered. Awake. Alive.

Discover resiliency, vitality, and courage with our transformative therapy and coaching techniques.

Feeling lost? Welcome to your transformation roadmap

Whether you’re dealing with the daily battle with anxiety, depression, or addiction, the aftermath of trauma, or the pain of difficult relationships, we know the territory and we have the roadmap – – not only to guide you home, but to teach you soar. We see ourselves as guides, providing you with new tools, challenging your old, self-limiting beliefs, and empowering you to reconnect with the passionate, loving, and peaceful self that got lost along the way. Transformation isn’t easy. It requires a willingness to open yourself, look in the mirror, and radically change the way you approach your life. If you’re willing to put the work in, we’re right here with you.

Scientifically-backed healing modalities.

Our therapists use research-based, integrative tools to empower you to become freer, happier, and more confident.

  • Expand your intuitive capacity
  • Hone your discernment and inner knowing
  • Deepen your self-trust and self-worth Cultivate greater resiliency and peace

Intuitive wisdom. Inner strength. Abiding peace.

Customized for you.

We use research-proven transformational therapy techniques to create a holistic and integrative approach, tailored to each client’s unique needs. We know each person is unique and we focus on what works for you, always integrating your feedback to optimize your results.

Research-Proven Benefits

Our evidence based therapy practices have been proven to:

Decrease Anxiety and Depression

Release the grip of depression and anxiety and remember what it feels like to breathe again.

Improve Self-esteem and Confidence

Discover how to be a bigger, bolder, stronger you––no matter who you are.

Cultivate Greater Peace

Learn psychology tools and meditation techniques to find calm no matter what storms arise

Overcome Addiction

Our addiction and substance abuse experts use evidence-based practices to help you kick substance abuse and dependence to the curb.

Improve Relationships

Improve your relationships, love, and family life by speaking with one of our couples therapy, family therapy, or dating experts.

Improve productivity

As you clear out the mental clutter and live in greater alignment, you open up your capacity for greater energy and productivity.




Use scientifically proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methods to see yourself and the world in more empowering, balanced, and realistic ways.

Thought Mastery Guide Free Worksheet


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers

The basic task of therapy is to make you aware of that which is beyond your awareness that may be causing damaging patterns in your life that you don’t know how to change. When we have unaddressed issues, they tend to rule our lives in ways we don’t understand and often can’t even see. When the unconscious is running our lives it can wreak havoc on our lives and mental health, causing everything from work and relationship problems, to anxiety, depression, and addiction issues. Healing our unconscious wounds allows us to make peace with our relationship to our past, to others, and to ourselves. In short, we face our fears so they no longer rule us. As we bring the unconscious into conscious awareness, we become more empowered, awake, and alive.

Therapy can help you become more peaceful, grounded, and confident as you work through the underlying issues that may be contributing to your anxiety, depression, relationship issues and other mental health struggles. Therapy allows you to explore who you are without judgment: to be totally uncensored and unfiltered so you can explore and integrate aspects of yourself that you might not feel comfortable sharing with others. Therapy can help create a greater sense of vitality as you reconnect with the parts of yourself that may have become numb and disconnected. Through therapy, you can learn more empowered ways to communicate, develop practices to cultivate self-love and confidence, and learn practical skills to