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Our pain doesn’t mean we’re broken. Our pain is beckoning us to reignite our soul’s deepest truths, dreams, ideals, and possibilities.

My desire is to help you come to a point where depression, loneliness, and anxiety are no longer controlling factors in your life and are replaced by courage, self-love, and deep relational connectionsWhen you learn tools to excavate and integrate the parts of yourself you left behind, you are capable of facing and becoming more than you can imagine.

During our sessions, we will practice a new way of being. Over time and with practice, you’ll begin to carry that experience outside os session. It’s like muscle memory.

The more we learn to self-regulate our anxieties and attune our bodies to create peace, security, and confidence, the more we bring them into every aspect of our lives. With over a decade of experience working with individuals, couples, and families as well as through my own personal psychological work, I have developed a deep awareness of how human beings change.

Though I have many years of experience and education, I come to this work primarily, not as an ivory tower expert, but as some one who has been in the trenches and come to the other side. My work is experiential and somatic, bypassing the mind, which can be such a clever diversion, and working with the unconscious forces that so often hijack our lives without our consent. 

Trauma is stored in the body and we often don’t realize it we’re carrying it with us until we begin to experience problems and patterns in our lives that aren’t lining up with who we think we are and what we think we want. 

We work together to reconcile the mind and the body, which are so often cut off from each other, creating confusion, anxiety, and helplessness. 

We act out our trauma until we heal it. 

Blending practical tools with deep, experiential and somatic work, we integrate what has been split off and empower ourselves to heal. We learn to come back into contact with the parts of ourselves we’ve left behind, and restore a newfound sense of vitality and peace. 

When we do this work honestly and engage with it fully, it creates shifts in every realm of our lives.

As we gain greater awareness of who we are at our core, we create deep shifts the way we communication and interacts with others, transforming our relationships along with us. 

My primary specializations are depression, anxiety, and trauma, with special passion for couples therapy, codependency, and dating

Because I’ve been through the trenches of my own struggles with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues, my expertise comes not only from years of training, but also from having faced my own demons and overcome them


Brooke is a public speaker and psychology expert contributor for television, film, podcasts, radio, and digital and print media. Topics of her expertise include a broad-spanning topics including: anxietydepressionrelationshipstraumaspiritualitycoparentingdating, and more, as well as discussion of various therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)Experiential Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy.

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How I Work

I’m very active and direct as a therapist, providing actionable feedback in real-time. I won’t hold back expressing what I’m observing and will bring my observations and honest reactions forth with compassion and care. In other words, I strive to approach our sessions with brutal honesty and endless compassion. 

What makes me different from other therapists is that I will help you work with your anxiety and defenses in real time in the session, rapidly recognizing your blind spots and pointing them out to you in the here and now. 

We will explore your past and how we can help you heal, but we will focus primarily on how the past interfaces with your present difficulties as well as transformative practices that provide powerful relief and healing for both past and present. 

Together we will bring to surface the unconscious baggage that is inadvertently controlling your life and help you integrate it with your conscious mind so that you are empowered to be back in the driver’s seat. 

Making the connection between what’s happening in session in the present and what you’re struggling with outside of session, we explore unconscious anxiety and defenses within the session and uncover what’s beneath them––what you’ve been running from and protecting yourself from. 

As we unearth these deeply buried aspects of the psyche hidden behind our defenses, our wounds begin to heal and we become empowered to trust ourselves and create the lives we want.

I want to help you become free from the feeling that your love for yourself is contingent upon your success, performance, perfection, or external circumstances

As such, you will come to know that the real, uncensored, struggling, hurt you is loved exactly as you are as you move toward embodying your highest values and living out your truest and most beautiful and vital self.

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) #29126.


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