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Body sculpting is another term for weight training. This can either be the use of external weights to enhance exercises, or just using your own body weight. The use of external weights and the amount of extra weight depends on your ability and strength, and how much resistance you feel is needed. Body sculpting leads to stronger bones, joints, and muscle strength, toning, lifting. It tightens your body to keep you lean, strong, and healthy, as it is a well-rounded form of training.


  • alleviates back pain
  • gives you spine support and good posture
  • makes activities such as housework, gardening, and fixing things around the house much easier

As these exercises are so versatile and only require your body, or even simple makeshift weights, they can be done anywhere, and at any time. This is a wonderful advantage of body sculpting. Whilst it is easily done in any circumstance, it is important to do these exercises correctly and mindfully. If not done well, you won’t attain your goals as efficiently as possible, and could end up putting yourself at risk.

This is where I come in! It’s important to know how to move through the poses in the right way, because if you’re going to take the time to work-out, you should do it right, right? I will give you tips and tricks, and work with you to know your own body and its limitations, while you reap the benefits. The exercises that are completed in body sculpting sessions are total body exercises combined with isolated exercises which help the body convert body fat into muscle in the most efficient way. These exercises include muscle toning and non-aerobic exercises that sculpt, tone, and strengthen your body, but in particular, your core. The kinds of weights you could be using include weight bars, dumbbells, and exercise band, all in combination to give you a tight and strong looking (and feeling) body.


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I hold a wide variety of personal training certifications and specializations including:

Body Sculpting Specialist

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