Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy

Behavior therapy in its broadest sense aims at changing behavior in the here and now. Challenging behavior is often the first and easiest thing to recognize in ourselves. What we have been doing no longer works in the way it used to and causes more suffering than the problems it aims to solve. Sometimes we just mature, evolve and like an old suit or set of clothes, they (just like our behaviors) no longer fit us like they used to do. It is not an easy process, but it is an enjoyable experience in many ways as it opens a new perspective on life for the client, enabling them to see how their choices and decisions were sometimes based on good intentions but faulty premises; faulty in the sense of a misunderstanding of themselves, and once this misunderstanding is rectified, a more healthy and beneficial relationship with your past is possible.

My philosophy is based on a parallel process – managing the chaos of our daily lives first, and this is what behavior therapy aims at initially, in order to delve into deeper emotional experiences and understand how they have shaped our choices. What you can expect when you come to see me is a mirror held up to your personal narrative. This mirror can take the form of questioning, caring, explaining, challenging and helping. Each client requires individual care as each client’s history is as particular as their fingerprint.

Behavior therapy is not a cure all, but it can be the first step toward a deeper understanding. It is after all very difficult to enact the changes we want to see and have in our lives if we find it too difficult to change our daily behavior. If we can, then this gives us some flexibility in how we act and subsequently, how we think, and it enables us to further question and examine our lives, how we live them and make the changes that are required for long and lasting change that will contribute to a happier and healthier future for us and our loved ones.

Behavioral Therapists

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