Feldenkrais Method®


Who is it for? People in pain, wanting to grow their pleasure. People who face moment to moment the territories of anxiety, grief, PTSD. Sitting-at-a-desk-and-computer-all-day-folks, artists, performers and musicians wanting more options and courage in their movement and creativity, non-binary folx, folks who are in wheelchairs, who are facing the loss of a limb or […]

Narrative Therapy


Stories are at the center of our lives, from the stories we tell that make up our personal mythology to the stories we invent from our wounding that we project onto the world. Our stories are a vital part of compounding our successes as well as healing our wounds. Through rewriting our stories, we construct […]

Massage Therapy


Ever hear of the mind-body connection? It’s the concept that your mind and body are intrinsically connected. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. And a healthy mind equals a healthy body. You can spot this connection playing out in your everyday life. For example, if you eat healthy, nutritious foods, exercise consistently, and treat […]

Individual Therapy


To be human is to be beautifully flawed. Eric Wilson We are all walking—and sometimes stumbling—through this life in order to make mistakes, learn, and grow. While most people possess the innate abilities to work out these inner struggles on their own, we often need guidance to gain access to our inner knowing and self-healing […]

NonViolent Communication and Communication Skills


Communication is the backbone of human relationships—not only our relationships with one another—but even more crucially, our relationships with ourselves.  While communication skills are an important part of intimate relationships, strong communication can contribute to wellbeing, empowerment, and connection in every area of our lives. When we’re able to communicate our basic needs and compassionately […]

Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Integration, and Body Psychotherapy


Animals have a keen ability to recover from trauma innately once it’s no longer present. Humans on the other hand hold onto their trauma with lingering feelings of shame, guilt, and fear, and often develop conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The traumatic experience literally becomes “stuck” in our bodies, which can take a […]

Attachment Theory


Ever wonder why you have such a hard time finding successful relationships, or why you tend to run the other way when someone gets too close to you? Or maybe you keep attracting the wrong kind of person who is afraid of commitment and lacks emotional stability? We all have our relationship patterns that we […]

Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM)


Based on neuroscientific research, the Trauma Resiliency Model teaches you skills to regulate your own nervous system, empowering you to face your trauma in a new and powerful way. Using practical skills and somatic therapy techniques, the Trauma Resiliency Model helps you re-establish a sense of safety in your own body, restoring a sense of […]