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Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.

Coming from the world of professional sports and also facing adversity at a high level, I learned how important optimal mental health is to peak performance and optimal well-being both emotionally and physically. 

We all want to experience vitality, peace, and motivation, but sometimes obstacles in life get in the way. I have worked with a wide variety of people, including professional athletes, artists, CEOs, and students, and what I have learned is the human experience is universal; we all go through adverse experiences. Whether it’s an inability to focus, anxiety, or poor sleep quality that is getting in the way of feeling at peace and alive, I know firsthand that you can overcome any obstacle with the proper support. 

After recovering from multiple traumatic brain injuries, I understand the role your brain (not just your mind) performs in your mental state. Using our unique Mental Performance Neurofeedback Coaching system, we will teach your brain to self-regulate and train achieve its optimal state, allowing you to reliably and regularly access flow states and peak mental and physical performance. As flow neuroscience research shows, the more frequently you get into flow states, the more you learn to do so organically, creating a feedback loop of peak performance and optimal wellbeing, which allows you to go beyond what you can ordinarily achieve. 

I see mental performance training as a workout for the brain and mind, much like lifting weights is for the body. It isn’t just about getting you back to average, it is about getting you to your most optimal physical and mental state. My hope is that by adopting this mindset and educating others on the universality of struggle, we can help individuals and society at large to erode the stigma surrounding mental health and therapeutic interventions.


My mental performance training is rooted in the science of neurofeedback, peak performance, and flow neuroscience. Based on decades of clinical research, our neurofeedback program measures and converts your brainwaves into audio and visual feedback so your brain can learn to self-optimize, self-regulate, and achieve peak performance. 

In as few as 20 sessions, you can retrain your brain to learn on a subconscious level what it is doing when it is performing optimally and is in flow as opposed to what is happening when it is in a suboptimal state and you’re experiencing symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, panic, or depression. 

After your free assessment, we’ll identify your growth areas and create a custom brain map for your training. Our Mental Performance Neurofeedback Training System is a customized protocol to reach your individual needs and goals all of which can be done remotely and on your time. This allows you to have sessions when it fits best into your already busy schedule.  Each session is typically under an hour and to achieve significant results you’ll need a minimum of 2 sessions per week. 

Neurofeedback is a great standalone program because it bypasses the mind and trains the brain directly. It is also a phenomenal supplement to the therapies you’re already receiving through My LA Therapy, as it can allow you to go deeper with your therapist because you will be able to access thoughts and memories with better clarity and focus and less emotional reactivity.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about neurofeedback training and my program to see if we are a good fit.

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